Best Makeup Studio in Port Harcourt

Getting married is a very exciting time and the planning is a very exciting part of that! When you are looking to hire a makeup & hair artist that will get you prepped for such a big day you don’t want to take that lightly. Even for us ladies who prefer a more natural look. You will find the best makeup studio in Port Harcourt here

It’s fun to get a little more dolled up past foundation and mascara. Let’s be honest, there are some real professionals in our industry and they are well known for their incredible talents for a reason. Wedding Day Hair & Makeup can be one thing that makes or breaks a timeline. So, make sure to hire someone that not only does amazing work but also does that work efficiently is going to be a must-have! 

Whether you want to become a professional makeup artist or simply want to learn more about makeup, we’ve got the info you need


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