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What helps you make a wonderful wig? You are new to wigs or don’t know what you need to create a wig. Understanding wig making supplies will help you narrow your search and find some necessary items based on your individual needs and budget. Today, this post will walk you through the essentials of these amazing item.

Many people want to become a wigmaker but they don’t know what have to do and where to begin. They collect information, view many online videos, but the questions still remain “What is wig making supplies?” or “What are the basic wig making supplies and tools needed to get started?” Often “get started” is the hard part as you don’t know about it. You are inundated with endless amounts of information regarding making a wig. 

Our suggestion is that you should invest some basic lace wig making supplies products. Wig making supplies are a list of products that will set you up for success. 

Our suggestion is that you should invest some basic lace wig making supplies products. Wig making supplies are a list of products that will set you up for success. 

Top 6 Essential Wig Making Supplies You Must Have To Succeed!
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Having the professional wig making tools and supplies will help you be successful in creating your custom hairpiece. With these products, making your own wig is effortless. A DIY wig has many benefits like saving money, the flexibility of being on your time schedule, and more.

So who needs? If you intend to create your own wig, whether you are the professional or the beginner, you need to have wig making supplies. Finding the best wig making supplies wholesale vendor so that they do not disappoint you. 

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Must-have wig-making accessories

Obviously, to make a human hair wig, you must prepare human hair. But what’s next? There are still many other things to prepare to get ready before making a wig. Down below are some of the must-have wig tools that you must be well prepared with.

Lace base

The first thing to mention is the lace fiber, which is used to make a lace front, closure, or full lace cap. You can choose French lace or transparent HD lace, it is all up to you. The French lace base is delicate, extraordinarily durable, and can create a natural-looking for the wig wearers. While HD lace is lightweight, ultra-thin and also brings you an undetectable hairline. Often the HD lace softer and lighter than the other normal laces, which could match seamlessly with your skin tone.

Top 6 Essential Wig Making Supplies You Must Have To Succeed!
lace material

The lace is used to make full lace wigs, lace front wigs and it is probably the most important among all wig making kit supplies.

Wig cap construction

Depending on the type of wig, you can choose different types of wig cap. There are full lace wig caps, glueless full lace wig cap, lace front wig cap, regular wig cap, full stretch lace, etc. They are flexible in size.  If you are looking for silicone wig making supplies, let try new silicone-lined stocking wig cap.  

Please consider the types of wig cap before ordering. Each wig cap construction has its own benefits and drawbacks. And it will give you a completely different look and feel. For example, as the full lace wig cap instruction is tight,  the hair ventilated in the cap can move freely just like your bio hair.   

Wig making supplies needle

The next thing is ventilation needles. It comes in a diversity of types and sizes. Now, German ventilating needles (long needles), Korean needles (short needles) are widely used by both skilled craftsmen and beginners. The size of this tiny item range from 1-2 to 5-6. It describes how many strands of hair that the needle can hold at one time. Depending on your purpose, you can invest in all sizes or only one is enough.  

Needle holder

It usually comes with one needle. To have a beautiful wig, you need to invest this must-have item. The holder is made of plastic, wood, metal or stainless steel. It is perfect to fit all of the needles for making, adding, repairing any lace wigs. It is one of the best wig making supplies as it is durable and sturdy for long time use.

If you want to change the needle, only remove from the peg and replace your needle with a new tiny item.

Clear tape 

Don’t buy the golden tape as it is difficult to see through and gives a strange color to your finished head wrap. In addition, you can use tape adhesive to mount your wig head on a stand or set it down on a table.

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Cloth measuring tape

The quality of the measure is quite vital. You should choose a soft measuring tape instead of a straight ruler. A quality tape will give you accurate results. Cheap tape can lead to incorrect measurements. 

You also need to have a mannequin head, wig clamp, elastic bands, hairpins, tiny pair of scissors, threads… in your lace wig making supplies. All of them will help you create a beautiful hair system as you hope.

Where To Buy Wig Making Supplies?

Have a reliable hair vendor, you will have the best accessories at a friendly price. Depending on your needs and budget, you will choose the right hair items to have a beautiful appearance. Let’s find yourself a trusted hair brand that ensures the quality and price of the product.

Top 6 Essential Wig Making Supplies You Must Have To Succeed!
wig making accessories from

Choosing lace front wig making supplies at will be easier than ever as we supply the high-end products. Whether you are looking for professional tools or wig making supplies beginners, you can find it at our company. All the items we offer are sold at wholesale prices. 

We provide many wig making supplies for sale that the customers want. At the best wholesale hair vendor, we manufacture a large stock of wig making supplies and hair. With experiences in many years and resources, we can afford to meet the customers’ requires. 

If you take the time to check out other wholesale suppliers, let’s compare the quality and price. You cannot find anywhere selling hair products cheaper than at Lewigs.

For any further interest in wig making supplies or other hair products, don’t hesitate to contact DT Brand via (+234) 0810 400 7382  (Mobile/WhatsApp). Our professional teams are ready to answer any of your questions.



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