Free Online Makeup Training in Nigeria 2021

Let’s be honest, it’s not a small amount of money you pay for makeup training (either for personal use or profession purposes) and that might be the reason you haven’t gotten started on your makeup journey. Leaving aside the fact that a standalone course in makeup artistry could take at least two months or more.

I’m Damselita, DT Brand, a makeup artist in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and I will teach you how to do makeup for free, read along.

Are you among the people who still find it difficult to do the littlest thing as drawing their brows or applying foundation without hassles? I won’t lie, it could be a little tedious without help, some get it right while others just don’t get it.

Through my years of experience, at least, I’ve been able to clean out some skeletons in my rather full closet of rookie errors. I have come up with this very detailed course which isn’t just all written but I also took my time to include videos for each step. ALL FOR FREE

The training course & makeup school is for students in port harcourt, lagos, abuja and other parts in nigeria and africa.

Step by Step Makeup Training – Table Of Content

  1.  Theory part of makeup for beginners
  2. Makeup terms, tools and their uses
  3. Brow techniques
  4. Foundation application
  5. Contouring
  6. Eyeshadow application
  7. Lipstick application
  8. Full makeup application

Also included are some beauty hacks that can make your makeup easier and faster.

Register with us and learn how to beat that face like a pro!!!

4 weeks Intensive Professional Makeup and Gele training in PORT HARCOURT.
Fee : 20K only (Runs from September – December)
Early Registration: 18k now till September 20th
Early Registration is Advised 
Limited Seats available. 
Learn how to…
All participants will be certified at the completion of the course.
Training materials are available for purchase
Network and Meet New Friends
Learn in a very comfortable space.
Mentorship from the creative director till you become a PRO, even after the training 

CALL OR WHATSAPP 08104007382 for more information and payment for Registration.

Tutorials are held online too, for those that are out of state.

29c Omasi Street, Rumuomasi Road, Port Harcourt.

I believe by the end of this course, you’ll be able to boast, to an extent, of your ability to perform wonders on your face. It is worthy of note that this guide is basically for newbies but if you already know your onions with makeup, there is always a take-home point from this so you can’t afford to miss it either. Register now

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